Latest Past Events

2022 Springfield Open

Plaster Student Union 1110 E Madison St, Springfield

5SS, G/90, d15 Prizes: $850 prize fund based on 30 full-paid entries. Class prizes based on 4 per class Open: $200-1st, $150-2nd, A/B/C/D-$100 each, U1200/UNR-$50. Entry: $30, Scholastic (K-12) may play for rating only, 50% off entry. E-mail registration accepted, cash only on-site. Check-In: 8:30-9:30am Rounds: Sat-10/2:30/7, Sun-10:00/2:30 Max one 1/2-pt bye if declared by Rd. 2. MCA membership req’d, [...]


SMCC Summer Open

Southside Senior Center 2215 S. Freemont Ave., Springfield

Tournaments and fundraiser for the Southside Senior Center, home of the Springfield, MO. Chess Club. July 22 – Blitz fundraiser tournament.  G/5, seven rounds.  7:45 PM to 9:30 PM.  USCF blitz rated and unrated sections.  $5 entry, no prizes. July 23 & 24 – G/90;d5.  USCF rated.  $20 entry (k-12 option $5 entry, not eligible for prizes).  First place $40, [...]