Coaches Corner

Coaches Corner by Ron Luther

In Coaches Corner, Chess Boards are provided that allow you to move the pieces while following the lesson. Only the moves listed in the lesson are allowed to be moved. Read the text before the moves to understand the example. Use the VCR buttons below the board to move next and previous for each move. One of the VCR buttons (Play – 5th button from the left) enables the moves to be made automatically.

In this lesson there are two examples of Rook and King versus King, as well as a third example of the “losing a move” technique. Rook and King versus King is a simple problem for the experienced player, however, as the first example shows, many players do not know the most efficient path to winning the game. The second example shows us an improved method that is a much more efficient use of time by using the “losing a move” technique.


Average attempt at mate with Rook and King versus King

Better attempt at mate with Rook and King versus King

Another Example of losing a move to save time

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