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2020 States Chess Cup Update

The Missouri team is now on the back end of the 2020 States Chess Cup regular season. These regular season games are played within the Central Division.

Each division will send their top two teams into the playoffs. The two best third place teams will win wildcard spots in the playoffs, but must advance through an extra round.

Our match results so far:

Week 1 versus Iowa – Loss
Week 2 versus Kansas – Win
Week 3 versus Minnesota – Loss
Week 4 versus Oklahoma – Win

Our next match is on October 8 and the team we will field to face Nebraska includes Ken Jones (2204), Isaiah Gadson (2159), Nathaniel Fast (2118), and Asish Panda (2007).

Our remaining matches include Nebraska, Colorado, and Illinois.

The Central division standings after four weeks:

  1. Minnesota – 4
    Iowa – 4
  2. Illionois – 3
  3. Missouri – 2
  4. Colorado – 1.5
  5. Kansas – 1
  6. Oklahoma – 0.5
  7. Nebraska – 0

We are currently second place in game wins which gives us excellent chances of winning any tie-breaks.

We have also gotten some great commentary from Jared Bray, Ben Boaz, and Isaiah Gadson.

Here is the most recent upload to the MCA playlist on the Springfield, Missouri Chess Club’s YouTube channel.

Missouri’s Team for States Chess Cup

A new online chess tournament pitting states against one another will begin in a few short days. The Missouri Chess Association has assembled a strong team that will give Missouri very good odds of reaching the playoffs.

League news can be found here throughout the season.

Anyone with their USCF membership registered under Missouri is eligible to participate and there are no roster limits, so other players might join in as the season progresses. As we prepare for our first match, here is where the team stands.

The Missouri Team
Ken Jones – 2204
Bob Holliman – 2200
Isaiah Gadson – 2159
Nathaniel Fast – 2118
Asish Panda – 2007
Ben Boaz – 1949
Jared Bray – 1928
Matthew Pratt – 1831
Brian Rude – 1761

Each week, Missouri will field four players to represent the state in the Central Division. Commentary of the matches will also be streamed on the Springfield Chess Club’s YouTube page. Following the seven match-ups within the central, the top two teams will advance to the playoffs.

Missouri Team Schedule – All begin at 8:00 Central (Dates may change)
1. vs. Iowa Thursday 9/10
2. vs. Kansas Tuesday 9/15
3. vs. Minnesota Thursday 9/24
4. vs. Oklahoma Monday 9/28
5. vs. Nebraska Thursday 10/8
6. vs. Colorado Tuesday 10/13
7. vs. Illinois Wednesday 10/21

Matches will be held on lichess and everyone is invited to follow Missouri’s progress as we try to make it into the playoffs.

Our lineup versus Iowa, as it stands now, is Bob Holliman, Isaiah Gadson, Nathaniel Fast, and Asish Panda. Good luck guys!