Official USCF Tournament Clearinghouse

Calendar For The State Of Missouri

To inform the clearinghouse of a tournament date, send e-mail to webmaster at
(use “@” instead of “at”).

       Indicates an Officially Recognized State-Title Event.

Start Date End Date Event Name Site City State Director/Contact
09/15/18 09/16/18 MO Open Parkade Center Columbia MO Thomas Rehmeier, moc.o1531929988ohay@153192998898sse1531929988hCCJ1531929988 573-291-0852
10/27/18 10/28/18 Springfield Open & Scholastic Missouri State University Springfield MO Martin Stahl, moc.l1531929988iamg@1531929988lhats1531929988.nitr1531929988am1531929988 417-483-1554

Clearinghouse Policy Statement:

The goal of the tournament clearinghouse is to prevent two adult tournaments from occurring on the same date in the same area. The responsibility for preventing conflicts rests with the TD. The TD should consult the clearinghouse before sending in an advertisement to Chess Life and before paying for a site. The TD should notify the clearinghouse by e-mail as soon as possible after the tournament date has been decided.  If two tournaments nevertheless fall on the same day they will be listed in the order received.